Dr. Sudeep D. Ghate

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • BioSciences
  • Expeerience : Lecturer in BioSciences for the PG Microbiology course 2016-18.
  • sudeep1129@gmail.com

I obtained my doctoral degree in BioSciences in October 2016, form Mangalore University, India. I joined Yenepoya Research Centre in August 2018 and amcurrently working on human microbiome. My expertise is in Microbial ecology and Mycology.


  • First Rank in Master of Science, 2012, Dept. of Biosciences Mangalore University, India.
  • INSPIRE Fellowship(IF130237)to pursue Doctoral Studies by DST (Department of Science and Technology), Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • JSPS HOPE Fellow, Japan, 2016.
  • Associate Editor – MycoAsia, Journal of Modern Mycology.

Research Interest/Area: Keywords

Mycology, Microbial ecology, HumanMicrobiome, Environment microbiome


My Research focuses on understanding the role of microbiome in the human system, cancer microbiome, oral microbiome and its association with oral health. I am also interested in unraveling the interaction in microbial community structure and its involvement in the ecological processes in aquatic ecosystem using microbiome approach.


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Books/Book Chapters

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