Gayathree Karthikkeyan


  • Proteomics and Metabolomics of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Masters: M. Tech Industrial Biotechnology


Gayathree Karthikkeyan, a CSIR-NET Senior Research Fellow Center for Systems Biology and Molecular Medicine, Yenepoya Research Centre. She completed her B.Tech from Anna University in 2012 and M.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology from SASTRA University in 2014. She received the CSIR-NET Junior Research Fellowship with an All India Ranking of 033 and has worked in several labs, getting herself equipped in conventional cell and molecular biology techniques. She is also competent in handling the mass spectrometry facility at CSBMM, with extensive training in metabolomics, from sample preparation to data analysis of global and targeted metabolomics.


1. CSIR-Senior Research Fellow Duration: 01-03-2017 onwards 
Venue: Center for Systems Biology and Molecular Medicine, Yenepoya (Deemed to be University), Mangalore 
2. CSIR-Junior Research Fellow: Duration: 21-10-2014 to 24-02-2017 
Venue: Vision Research Foundation, Chennai


  • Best Poster award, “Metabolite landscape involved in neuro – protective functions of Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) in rotenone induced Parkinson’s disease model“, International Conference on Proteomics for Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, PSI, 12– 14 December, 2018 NCCS, Pune
  • Best Poster award- Runner up, “Hyperglycemia induces Early Growth Response-1 (EGR-1) in human retina mediating abnormal vascular changes in diabetic retinopathy”, International Conference in Angiogenesis: Technology & Therapeutics, 23-25 September, 2015, SASTRA, Thanjavur.
  • CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test, All India Ranking: 033
  • University Rank HolderAnna University, Chennai, Rank : 032
  • PSI-Travel Grant Award in the 11th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India, 2019, at ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, INDIA.



Research interest/Area

Metabolomics, Proteomics and Cell biology


Ms. Gayathree’s dissertation focuses on understanding the intricate molecular networks involved in the neuroprotective functions of traditional medicine, as an attempt to molecularizing traditional medicinal approaches, guided by Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi. Apart from her Ph.D. dissertation, she also works on global and targeted metabolomics approaches, to understand the molecular make-up of traditional medicinal plants and formulation and their effects on cellular metabolism.


  1. Effect of brilliant Blue-G on cellular stress response in retinal pigment epithelial cells: In vitro. Nareshkumar RN#, Karthikkeyan G#, Ratra D, Coral K. Exp Eye Res. 181:157-162, 2019. # Shared authors
  2. Human Optic Nerve: An Enhanced Proteomic Expression Profile. Karthikkeyan G#, Subbannayya Y#, Najar MA, Mohanty V, Pinto SM, Arunachalam C, Prasad TSK, Murthy KR. OMICS. 22(10):642-652, 2018. # Shared authors
  3. Hyperglycemia induced early growth response-1 regulates vascular dysfunction in human retinal endothelial cells. Karthikkeyan G, Nareshkumar RN, Aberami S, Sulochana KN, Vedantham S, Karunakaran C. Microvasc Res. 117:37-43, 2018.
  4. Global metabolite profiling and network pharmacology of Triphala identifies neuromodulatory receptor proteins as potential targets. Subbannayya Y, Karthikkeyan G, Pinto SM, Kapoor S, Tyagi A, Pervaje SK, Pervaje R and, Prasad TSK. J Proteins and Proteomics. 9(2):101-114, 2018.