Jagadish K.


  • Radioprotective materials
  • MSc (Area): Biotechnology
  • jagdishk13153@gmail.com





I have completed MSc in biosciences with specialization in biotechnology from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. Currently, I’m pursuing PhD from Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) under the mentorship of Guide Dr. Riaz Abdulla and Co-guide Dr. Rekha P.D. Title of my PhD project is “In vitro characterization of radiation exposed teeth and testing of shielding materials for radiotherapy in head and neck cancers”.


  • Junior Research Fellow (2015-17) – DAE-BRNS Project
  • Senior Research Fellow (2017-19)- DAE-BRNS Project
  • Doctoral Researcher (2016-till date)- Basic and allied health sciences


  • Secured the “KSMO2019 Travel grant” to attend the 12th Annual meeting of Korean Society of Medical Oncology & 2019 International Conference and present an E-poster entitled “Periodic assessment of symptom-related Quality of Life in HNC patients with Radiotherapy” on 7-8th November 2019 at Seoul, Korea
  • Cleared K-SET (2015-16) qualifying criteria for the post of Assistant professor in graduate teaching institutes (Universities) in Karnataka state






Research Interest/Area

Radiation therapy, Radio-protection, Radiation shielding, Head and neck cancer, Material fabrication and characterization, Cleft lip genetics, homocysteine, MTHFR genes.


  • Characterization of human teeth for acute side effects of radiation therapy; An invitro study.
  • Characterization of materials with radio protective properties; In vitro work on in-house fabricated radiation shielding composites to study Physical chemical and cytocompatibility properties.
  • Cleft lip genetics; Sanger sequencing studies on Non Syndromic Cleft Lip with or without Palate (NSCLP) cases for investigate target Single nucleotide variants.


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  3. Kudkuli J, Abdulla R, Rekha PD, Sharma SD, Gurjar O. Spectroscopic analyses reveal radiotherapy-induced variations in elemental composition and crystallite properties of human permanent teeth enamel. Journal of oral biosciences. 2019 Dec 1;61(4):207-14.



Abdulla R, Kudkuli J, P.D Rekha, Bhagwath A. B.H.S Rao. “A radiation shielding composition”. Indian Patent(provisional) Application No. 201841031824.