Cancer Research and Therapeutics (CaRT)

The Cancer Research and Therapeutics Division is dedicated to advancing cancer research and improving cancer management through fundamental and translational approaches. The primary aim of this division is to explore novel oncogenesis, proliferation, and metastasis mechanisms while simultaneously developing efficient diagnostics and therapeutics.

This division provides short-term courses on Cell Culture Techniques and Molecular Oncology Techniques, offering essential training for professionals in the field.

Projects in this division receive funding from reputable organizations such as ICMR, BRNS, DBT, and DST and include collaborations with various institutions and companies for consultancy projects. Our research outcomes include valuable insights into cancer development and progression, drug interactions in the tumor microenvironment, and immune modulation in cancers, which aid in developing targeted therapies. Our mission is to significantly contribute to the fight against cancer by understanding its molecular landscape and developing robust diagnostics and targeted therapeutics.

Thrust Areas

  • Cell cycle regulation in Cancer
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors and Anti-Metastatic agents
  • Immunomodulation of tumour microenvironmen





  • Xenograft models for personalized medicine
  • Radio-sensitization strategies
  • Development of diagnostics and therapeutics for efficient Cancer management