Patent Invention Title Application Number Inventor E-auction
1  Maxillofacial orthodontics appliance 2303/CHE/2011 Dr. Akther Husain  
2 An automated calibrated bracket placement device 2304/CHE/2011 Dr. Akther Husain, Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas and Dr. Anitha A.  
3 Implant site marker 3534/CHE/2012 Dr. Akther Husain  
4 ROSID leveler 1183/CHE/2012 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas, Dr. Siddharth R. and Dr. Akther Husain  
5 Orthodontic mini implant with built in retraction mechanism 2642/CHE/2012 Dr. Akther Husain  
6 A grossing covering 3916/CHE/2012 Dr. Moidin Shakil, Dr. A.C. Shetty, Dr. Maji Jose and Dr. Roshini Shetty  
7 A versatile laser razor arrangement 4111/CHE/2012 Dr. Roshini Shetty and Dr. Maji Jose, Dr. Cynthia Arunachalam and Dr. Puneeth Hegde  
8 Musculoskeletal disorder diagnostic system 4111/CHE/2012 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas, Mr. Siddharth Kotian and Mr. Raghavendra Shetty  
9 An apparatus for determining space available for orthodontic correction 1551/CHE/2014 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas  
10 An A system and method of determining facial skeletal patterns 2064/CHE/2014 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas, Dr. Shahista Parvee and Mr. Raghavendra Shetty  
11 Finite element models 3257/CHE/2014 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas, Mr. Satish Shenoy and Mr. Nazeer P.  
12 Coolant composition for use as metal working fluids in machine tools 3953/CHE/2014 Dr. Badrunnisa and Dr. Vinitha R. Pai  
13 Modified digital vernier caliper (A Measuring Device) 6742/CHE/2015 Dr. K. Divya and Dr. Shanti  
14 Composite coating on metal strips for orthodontic applications 201641000962 Mrs. Anitha Magesh, Dr. Akther Hussain and Mr. Raghavendra Kini  
15 A portable dental scaler 201641003406 Dr. Kallem Divya and Dr. Tenneti Shanti  
16 Power generation system 201641003405 Mr. Praveen Veigus and Mr. Dinesh Naik, Transport and NITK  
17 Process for enhancing bioactivity of exopolysacharide produced by Labrenzia Prim 30 and its use 201641003579 Dr. Rekha P.D., Dr. Arun A.B. and Dr. Priyanka. P., Yenepoya Research Centre  
18 A portable assembly for conducting on-site dental procedures 201641007397 Dr. Roshini Shetty  
19 Anticancer compound and process for isolating the same 201641029412 Dr. Vinitha R. Pai and Dr. Vaishali Rai  
20 Process for extraction of exopolysacharide and carotenoids in single fermentation 201741002382 Dr. Rekha P.D., Dr. Arun A.B. and Dr. Priyanka. P.  
21 (E-Razor software) A system and method for masking and removing noise from dermoscopic and digital images 201741002382 Mr. Parameshwar R. Hegde, Yenepoya Research Centre and Dr. Manjunath Shenoy and Dr. B. H. Shekar, Mangalore University  
22 Biomarkers for diagnosing oral cancer  201741015794 Dr. Riaz Abdulla, Dr. Anwar Asif, Mr. Hafiz Johan,  and Dr. Sneha Pinto, Dr. Yashwanth S., CSBMM – Yenepoya Research Centre, Dr. Arun A.B., Dr. Rekha P.D. and Mr. Farhad Yenepoya, Yenepoya Research Centre  
23 Virtual digital setup for treatment simulation 201741030940 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas  
24 An orthodontic bracket system for lingual braces 201741029867 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas  
25 Finite element model of the Maxilla   Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas  
26 A method for simulating orthodontic treatment 201741029867 Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas  
27 A Dental implant abutment 201841020091 Dr. Hasan Sarfaraz  
28 An additive infusion bottle 201841026975 Dr. Akhter Hussain  
29 Tool and method for measuring length of the maxillary arch 201841023063    
30 Tool and method for measuring Palatal depth 201841023270    
31 A radiation shielding composition 201841031824 Dr. Riaz abdulla, Mr. Jagadish Kudkuli and Dr. Rekha P.D., Yenepoya Research Centre  
32 A dual mode paper analytical device and method of fabricating the same 201841034005 Dr. K. Sudhakarprasad and Ms. Sonia, Yenepoya Research Centre  
33 System and method for evaluating auscultation signals 201841037808 Dr. Mallika arjun  
34 Tannic acid releasing multi-stimuli responsive and biodegradable hydrogels for wound healing applications  201841037809 Dr. Renjith Johnson and Ms. Namita Preman, Yenepoya Research Centre  
35 Method and kit for detection of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis 201941006113 Dr. Keshava Prasad T. S., Dr. Srikanth Prasad Tripathy, Dr. Devendra S. Chauhan, Dr. Harsha Gowda, Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, Dr. Jayshree Advani, Dr. Renu Verma and Dr. Oishi Chatterjee  
36 Process for extracting Exopolysaccharide from marine bacteria and composition thereof 201941032950


Dr. Rekha P.D, Ms. Sahana, Yenepoya Research Centre  
37 Molecular Biomarker for detection of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 201941048222 Dr. Yashodhar Bhandary, Ms. Sadiya Bi Sheikh, Mr. Mohd. Altaf Nazar, Dr. Ashwini prabhu, Dr. Prasant K Modi, Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad, Yenepoya Research Centre  
38 Anti-dermatophytic hydrogel for topical applications 201941047486 Dr. Renjith P. Johnson, Dr. Rajesh P Shastry, Ms. Namitha K. Preman and Ms. Nikhitha Amin, Yenepoya Research Centre  
39 Electrochemical Biosensor and Method for diagnosing Leptospirosis 201941047489 Dr. Sudhakara Prasad, Dr. Arun A.B, Mrs. Sapna K., Yenepoya Research Centre  
40 Biomarkers for detection/ Diagnosis of Plumonary Disorder and uses there of 201941051398 Dr. Yashodhar Bhandary, Ms. Sadiya Bi Sheikh, Yenepoya Research Centre and Dr. Irfan, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital