Make: Merck Millipore

Model: Guava EasyCyte


  • Automated, desktop cell analysis system
  • Two lasers (Blue and Red)
  • Fluidics system with capillary and variable-speed fluid pump
  • Guavasoft 3.1 software for acquisition and analysis
  • Forward scatter and side scatter detector: Photodiode
  • Pulse processing: Digital signal processing
  • Counting precision: <10% CV

Services provided:

  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis quantification
  • Immunophenotyping


  • Optimum sample preparation: Final particle concentration of 104 to 106 particles/mL
  • Sample requirement: Typically 25000-100000 cells/test depending on the assay
  • Fluorochromes to be used shall be specified by the user