List of Consultants and Area of Expertise

Sl.No Consultants Broad Area of Expertise
1.        Dr. Rekha P.D. Microbiology and Biotechnology
2.        Dr. Rajesh P. Shastry
3.        Dr. Bhagwan Rekadwad


Microbiology and Biotechnology

(Microbial Systematics, Sample Design, Bioinformatics analysis, Sequencing based analysis DNA/RNA, 16S rRNA/ITS/Housekeeping genes study, Primer Design, Phylogenetic analysis, MLSA, AMR and antimicrobial testing).

4.        Dr. Sudheer Shenoy P  

Biochemistry and Analytical services

5.        Dr. Ashwini Prabhu
6.        Dr. Divya lakshmanan M
7.        Dr. Yashodhar Bhandary
8.        Ms. Sajida
9.        Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi  


Cell culture/Cell based assays

10.    Dr. Ashwini Prabhu
11.    Dr. Divya Lakshmanan M
12.    Dr. Sudheer Shenoy P
13.    Dr. Bipasha Bose
14.    Ms. Sajida
15.    Dr. Bipasha Bose  

Animal studies

16.    Dr. Sudheer Shenoy P
17.    Dr. R.C. Koumar
18.    Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad  



19.    Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi
20.    Dr. Shobha D.
21.    Dr. Rajesh Raju
22.    Dr. Bhagya N.
23.    Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad  



24.    Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi
25.    Dr. Rajesh Raju
26.    Dr. Shobha D.
27.    Dr. Bhagya N
28.    Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi  


Molecular biology

29.    Dr. R.C. Koumar
30.    Dr. Divya Lakshmanan M
31.    Dr. Ashwini Prabhu
32.    Dr. Suparna Laha
33.    Ms. Sajida
34.    Dr. Ranajit Das  

Data analysis/ Bioinformatics

35.    Dr. Rajesh Raju
36.    Dr. Shobha D
37.    Dr. K. Sudhakara Prasad



(Electrochemical Characterisation, Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterisation, Paper-PMMA-PDMS-Microfluidic analytical devices and sensors, Drug Delivery).

38.    Dr. Renjith P Johnson Nanotechnology

(Polymer Science, Biomaterials, Nanomedicine)

39.    Dr. R.C. Koumar Genetics/ Genetic Engineering
40.    Dr. Suparna Laha
41.    Ms. Aparna Hegde Clinical studies
42.    Dr. Sudheer Shenoy  


Microscopy and Flow Cytometry

43.    Dr. Bipasha Bose
44.    Dr. Ashwini Prabhu
45.    Dr. Divya Lakshmanan M
46.    Dr. Suparna Laha
47.    Dr. Suparna Laha Fungal Biology
48.    Dr. Arnab Datta Neuroscience (Stroke, Dementia, Systems Biology)