Projects And Fellowships


Project title Principal investigator Funding agency Duration
Carbon nanodots caged nano-Gel for therapeutic drug delivery of latanoprost for Glaucoma management Dr. Sudhakara Prasad DST-SERB 2019-22
Development of thermoresponsive polymer nanogels for sustained release of Bevacizumab towards efficient treatment of diabetic macular edema Dr. Renjith P. Johnson DST-SERB 2018-22
Fibrinolytic system and miR 200a in EMT and pulmonary fibrosis Dr. Yashodhar P. Bhandary DBT 2018-20
Discovering new therapeutic targets and drugs to combat AMR tuberculosis: proteomics characterization and drug screening of mycobacterium-infected macrophages Dr. Keshava Prasad Norway-Sweden-India collaboration grant 2018-20
Development and application of high resolution genome conformation capture technology to investigate genome architecture in space and time Dr. Shyama Prasad Rao DBT 2018-20
Skeletal muscle fluorosis; effects of Fluoride on skeletal muscle cells and its associated mechanismsin vitro and in vivio studies Dr. Sudheer Shenoy DST-SERB 2018-20
Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into functional beta islets using bioactive lipids Dr. Bipasha Bose DST-SERB 2018-20
Therapeutic potential of curcumin in regulation of IL-17A during acute lung injury and fibrosis Dr. Yashodhar P. Bhandary ICMR 2017-20
Studies on the role of curcumin in blocking p53 in the reduction of severity of gamma-irradiation included apoptosis of alveolar epithelial cells Dr. Yashodhar P. Bhandary BRNS 2017-20
Development and investigation of adjuvant therapeutic strategies for treating malignant glioma by gamma-irradiation in combination with agiogenesis inhibition Dr. Ashwini Prabhu BRNS 2017-20
Early detection of Leptospirosis using Immuno-Carbon Nanotubes Dr. Arun A.B. ICMR 2017-20
Assessment of cellular and molecular changes in response to thoron inhalation in mice Dr. Bipasha Bose BRNS 2017-20
Design and Fabrication of dual mode paper-analytical-device for point of care diagnostics Dr. K. Sudhakaraprasad DBT 2017-20
A novel strategy for enhancing the efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in diabetic wound care Dr. Rekha P.D. DST 2017-20
Development of a wound healing material from the biopolymers produced by two novel bacterial strains isolated from west coast of India Dr. Rekha P.D. DBT Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology 2016-19
To evaluate the role of xenoestrogens in antibody receptor diversity and translocation: Phytoestrogens and other endocrine disrupting compounds in modulating genomic stability, auto-immune diseases and cancers Dr. Divyalakshmanan DST (Young Scientist) 2016-19
Delineating the role of IL-33 in COPD Dr. Sneha Pinto DST (INSPIRE) 2015-21



Project title Principal investigator Funding agency Duration
A study of the bioleaching of monazite Ores by microorganisms Dr. Kishor Kumar K. BRNS 2013-15
Electron beam irradiation for improving the functional properties of marine Bacterial Exopolysaccharides Dr. Rekha P.D. BRNS 2013-15
Understanding Cell Signalling Alterations Associated with Radiation Therapy in Combination with RAS Pathway Inhibitors to Identify New Therapeutic Targets for Metastatic Melanoma Dr. Dinesh U. BRNS 2013-15
Novel natural quorum quenching molecules for the inhibition of quorum sensing in Gram-Negative Bacteria Dr. Rekha P.D. DBT 2010-13
Chemical toxicity and risk Assessment of selected Uranium compounds in experimental rats Dr. Arun A.B. BRNS 2011-13
Pretreatment of cellulosic biomass using electron beam irradiation for the enhanced ethanol fermentation by microbial Enzymes Dr. Rekha P.D. BRNS 2009-12
Enhancing carotenogenesis (Zeaxanthin and Lycopene) in marine Bactria by electron beam irradiation for industrial applications Dr. Arun A.B. BRNS 2009-12