Cell culture is one among the major tools employed in Cellular and Molecular Biology for evaluating the effects of drugs and test compounds on the desired cells and also for assessing the physiological and metabolic changes in cells isolated from various sources. The key advantage of cell culture in these applications is the consistency and reproducibility of the results as the experiments are carried out in a controlled atmosphere.

 Equipment’s available

  • Biosafety cabinet
  • CO2 incubator
  • Cooling centrifuge with Swing-out rotor
  • Water bath
  • Cooling centrifuge with fixed angle rotor
  • Refrigerator and Deep freezer (-20°C)
  • Inverted microscope with imaging facility
  • Liquid nitrogen cryostorage container
  • Hot air oven
  • Analytical Flow Cytometer

Services provided

  • Cytotoxicity determination by MTT assay
  • Cell proliferation/Viability determination by Trypan Blue Dye Exclusion assay
  • Apoptosis detection by Acridine orange-Ethidium bromide (AO-EB) staining
  • Cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry
  • Apoptosis quantification using flow cytometry
  • Immunophenotyping using flow cytometry


  • Cell line to be used for the test shall be specified by the users.
  • Solubility and concentration range for the compounds to be tested shall be provided by the users.