Athmika Nagaraj

Senior Research Fellow

  • Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • MSc (Area): Applied Zoology



Athmika Nagaraj after completing her post-graduation in Applied Zoology from Mangalore University took up teaching job and later joined Yenepoya Research Centre during August 2018 as a Junior Research Fellow in a DBT-funded project entitled ‘Development of a wound healing material from the biopolymers produced by two novel bacterial strains isolated from the West Coast of India’. She enrolled for the PhD program and has been working on development of an exopolysaccharide-based bioink for the healing of dermal wounds. She also researches on development of biopolymer-based formulation as bioinks for bioprinting. She has expertise in microbial production of biopolymers, cell culture based in vitro experiments and handling of animal models of different wound types.


  • Senior Research Fellow (2020 – till date)
  • Junior Research Fellow (2018 – 2020)
  • Lecturer (June 2017 – February 2018) – Department of Biology, Jnanasudha Pre-University College, Karkala
  • Assistant teacher (June 2016 – May 2017) Alva’s High school, Moodbidri



  • GATE (2020)
  • 2. K-SET (2015)




Research interest/Area

Exopolysaccharides, bioink, wound healing


Athmika’s research project aims at optimization of the bacterial growth conditions for maximizing the exopolysaccharide yield and characterization of the same. The bioactivities of the exopolysaccharides are studied for its wound healing potential in vitro and in vivo. Further, an effective therapeutic material is developed from the biopolymer.


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