Bharati Timmappa Naik


  • MSc (Area): Biotechnology

I have done my Bachelor of Science in CBZ from Akkamahadevi women’s University, Vijayapura. After my under graduation moved to Master’s Degree. I have completed my Master of Science in Biotechnology at Alva’s college, Moodbidri from Mangalore University. I have done one minor and one major research projects during my Masters.  The minor project was using citrus limetta peel extract, nanoparticles were synthesized and major project was using Ficus bengalensis aerial root extracts nanoparticles and their application in dental science was done. During my graduation I gained experience in all biotechnology lab skills, application. My project work was about nanotechnology, experienced in nanoparticles synthesis, oral pathogen isolation, characterization, antimicrobial assay.


  • Clinical Research Coordinator (May 2019 – June 2020)  Zenith Clinical Services, Bangalore, India.

Research Interest/Area

Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Cell culture


  1. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Citrus limetta peel extract

The dried peel extracts of Citrus limetta was taken for synthesis of nanoparticles. These synthesized nanopaicles were characterized by UV, FTIR analysis. Further antimicrobial activity was performed.

  1. An ecofriendly synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Ficus bengalensis aerial root extract and application of nanotechnology in dental science.

In this research aerial roots of Ficus bengalensis was taken for synthesis of silver nanoparticles using silver nitrate. The synthesized nanoparticles were characterized by SEM, UV and FTIR analysis. The aqueous and methanolic of plant extract was prepared and phytochemical screening was done.  The oral microbes were cultured, isolated and their characterization was done.  The antimicrobial activity of both plant extract and synthesized nanoparticles was performed against isolated oral microbes. Based on its inhibition, the synthesized nanoparticles were used in dental area. The GIC compound was incorporated with silver nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activity was performed. Finally the Nano based mouth wash was prepared and its antimicrobial activity was performed against oral pathogens.


  1. Bharati T. Naik, E. Jenitta Emma Packiyam, Amar deep. (2018). An Ecofriendly approach for synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Ficus bengalensis aerial root extract and application of Nanotechnology in Dental Science. International Journal of Current Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science. 5(9):13-26.