Dr. Abhinand C. S.

Assistant Professor

  • abhinandcs@yenepoya.edu.in


Dr. Abhinand C. S., obtained his PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from the Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala in 2017. Later on, he moved to Japan and did his postdoctoral research at the Institute of Advanced Biosciences, Keio University. In 2019, he re-joined at the Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala as a DBT-BIF fellow and started working on computational studies related with viral infectious diseases and therapy. He also was interested in and worked on the COVID-19 based drug design studies while working as a Scientist in the University of Kerala. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Center for Systems Biology and Molecular Medicine (CSBMM), Yenepoya Research Center, Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) where he is focused on conducting bioinformatics studies related to multiomics data.


  • Scientist (01/2020 – 03/2022) – Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala
  • DBT-BIF Fellow (05/2019 – 01/2020) – Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (04/2017 – 03/2018) – Keio Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Tsuruoka, Japan


  • 2020: Special Invitee, Board of studies in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics,  University of Kerala
  • 2017: Kuraray/Leave a Nest Grant Runner-up award, Grant value 200,000 Yen
  • 2015: SIUCEB Travel Grant award for ICSB 2015, Singapore
  • 2014: VirginiaTech International Travel Grant for “COPASI User Workshop 2014” held at Washington DC, USA
  • 2013: Best poster award in the International Conference on “Tropical Roots and Tubers for Sustainable Livelihood under Changing Agro-climate”
  • 2012: Research fellowship award by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment covering both living and research expenses for the Ph.D. course


Research Area

Modeling biological signal transduction pathways, Development of databases and Bioinformatics tools, Computer aided drug designing, Peptide drug designing and Multiomics data analysis


Dr. Abhinand C.S., is focused on integrating various bioinformatics techniques to analyse multiomics data. Studies are also carried out to identify and design drugs including peptide drugs for various diseases.  Modeling of biological signal transduction pathways using different approaches and dynamics model creation by systems biology is to boot.

Publications                                                                                                                                               Full list:

  1. Abhinand CS, Nair AS, Krishnamurthy A, Oommen OV, Sudhakaran PR. Potential protease inhibitors and their combinations to block SARS-CoV-2. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. 2020; 18:1-5.
  2. Abhinand CS, Athira PA, Soumya SJ, Sudhakaran PR. Multiple targets directed multiple ligands: An in silico and in vitro approach to evaluating the effect of triphala on angiogenesis. Biomolecules. 2020;10(2):177.
  3. Sudhakar M, Silambanan S, Chandran AS, Prabhakaran AA, Ramakrishnan R. C-reactive protein (CRP) and leptin receptor in obesity: binding of monomeric CRP to leptin receptor. Frontiers in immunology. 2018; 29; 9:1167.
  4. Athira AP, Abhinand CS, Saja K, Helen A, Reddanna P, Sudhakaran PR. Anti-angiogenic effect of chebulagic acid involves inhibition of the VEGFR2-and GSK-3β-dependent signaling pathways. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 2017;95(5):563-70.
  5. Abhinand CS, Raju R, Soumya SJ, Arya PS, Sudhakaran PR. VEGF-A/VEGFR2 signaling network in endothelial cells relevant to angiogenesis. Journal of cell communication and signaling. 2016;10(4):347-54.



Associated with

  • Development of an on-line diagnostic system to identify diseases, pest- or nutrient- related conditions affecting the crop “Variety identifier (tuber crops), Oushadham”, at CTCRI, 2012- 2013
  • Sree visakham cassava expert system development at CTCRI, 2012- 2013
  • Development of Mangopedia database – Kerala Agricultural University, 2011