H. Manisha Rao

Nidhi-ERI Fellow

  • Nano biotechnology
  • MSc (Area): Biochemistry
  • manisharao619@gmail.com


Mrs. Manisha Rao completed her Master’s degree in Biochemistry (2013-2015) from Mangalore University, India. In her master’s thesis, she worked on a project entitled “Screening of phytoconstituents and hepatoprotective activity of Ophiorrhiza rugosa”. She joined Yenepoya Research Centre in August, 2015 and she is working on “Naoparticle synthesis and characterization”. Her expertise is in synthesis of micro and nanoparticles, optical characterization.


3 years


First place in the Inter-University South Zone Anveshan Student Research Convention held at Tumkur University (Feb 14-15, 2017).


Research interest/Area

doped/un-doped nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, sensing, targeted drug delivery


Mrs. Manisha Rao interested in bottom up synthesis of fluorescent carbon nanodots for biomedical applications. Here her aim is to synthesis high purified nanodots and used for various applications such as biomolecule and heavy metal ion detection, bioimaging, cell cytotoxicity studies, and targeted drug delivery experiments.


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