Sesha Subramanian M.


  • MSc (Area): Life Sciences-Biotechnology (5 Years Integrated)


I have completed my Master’s in Life sciences – Biotechnology (Five years – Integrated) at Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu in 2018. I’m excited to learn about new and upcoming scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to benefit humanity. Biomaterials research combining tissue engineering and mesenchymal stem cells with building artificial tissue/organs is a field in which I have extensive knowledge, determination, and passion. I am interested in polymers, osteoinductive medicines, and mesoporous bioactive glass for bone tissue engineering. I make every effort to finish the assignment within the allotted time. I am available to chat about science at any time, even if I am busy with research. I put in a lot of effort to find a solution to the issue.


  • Project Assistant – CSIR-CECRI, Karaikudi

Research Interest/Area

Biomaterials, Bioceramics, Bone Tissue Engineering, Mesoporous Bioactive Glass, Mesenchymal Stem cells, Polymer and Regenerative Medicine


Tissue engineering is an emerging area of research with aims to develop artificial issue/organ for tissue repair/regeneration which is caused by injury, illness or trauma. . Tissue Engineering is a multidisciplinary research field composed of engineering, and biology to develop artificial tissue which can potentially mimic the native tissue in the body. Tissue Engineering covers a wide range of biology, including cell-molecular biology, stem cell biology and their lineage, systems biology, chemistry, and endocrine science (endocrinology). These combining science has led to regenerative medicine, which currently serves two clinical purposes. 1. A cellular therapy for restoring the damaged tissue through injection or transplantation of cells or cell suspensions/cells combined with scaffold material. 2. Validation of tissue ex vivo for transplantation.


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