Sneha S. Rao


  • MSc (Area): Applied Zoology

I’m Sneha S. Rao, working as a PhD scholar at Yenepoya Research centre. I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in chemistry, zoology and microbiology from St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore and my master’s degree from the department of applied zoology, Mangalore University. In August 2017, I joined as a JRF in a DST-SERB project titled “Enhancing the efficacy of platelet rich plasma for diabetic wound care”, under the guidance of Dr. Rekha P. D.


Research Interest/Area

Diabetes, Chronic wound healing, biopolymers, Nanoparticles, PRP


Wound healing is a complex physiological process with 4 stages of healing. The stages of healing are delayed in diabetic conditions due to various factors thus hampering the wound closure. These wounds when not treated often lead to amputations imparting and huge financial burden on the patients.

My work interest lies in developing a formulation composed of nanoparticles for the delivery of various growth factors to the wound site to target the delayed healing in diabetic foot ulcers.


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