Spandana K. J.


  • MSc (Area): Botany

Having completed my Master’s Degree in Botany from Mangalore University, Konaje I have the carrier objective of obtaining the full-time position in Research Institutes involving PhD Program in Biological Science.
I am a person who believes in perseverance and hard work, seeking for research opportunity which allows development, growth and makes use of my existing skills. I have the basic knowledge and skills about plant tissue culture, plant physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and ecological concepts.

Awards/ Honors

  • Qualified GATE 2020 National Level Examination
  • Qualified Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET) 2020







Research Interest/Area

Phytochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology


The proposed title of my research is “In vitro anticancer potential of phytochemicals from selected medicinal plants of Dakshina Kannada District.” The study aims to extract, isolate and characterize the phytochemicals with the cytotoxic potential of selected medicinal plants from Dakshina Kannada District along with its mechanism of action. The present study will be beneficial to the pharmaceutical industries which are involved in the anticancer drug development field. The cancer cell lines selected for the study are amongst the major cancer types responsible for the majority of deaths worldwide. The increasing demand for the newer and safer anticancer drugs that could improve the life expectancy and quality of life of cancer patients has created an interest in me to carry out this work that is planned systematically to get the results that could become socially relevant.