To promote and popularize science among your minds across the country, YRC has recently introduced a bi-monthly webinar series ‘Science Unlimited!’. The major focus of this webinar series is to highlight recent advances in science from a multidisciplinary point of view. We invite renowned scientists and scholars across India to deliver a one-hour lecture to illuminate young minds with new ideas which eventually may help to open new avenues of research in the future.

Talk 1: COVID-19 from the host perspective

Talk 2: Viral proteins involved in COVID-19 infection and replication: possible epitopes for vaccine and drug designing

Talk 3: Adaptive immune-induction in Parkinson’s disease

Talk 4: Merger of regenerative and cancer stem cells – Research, developmental biology perspectives and our findings

Talk 5: An emerging human fungal pathogen

Talk 6: Drug repurposing scenario in COVID-19

Talk 7: Full spectral flow cytometry with enhanced multiplexing capabilities-an added advantage over conventional flow cytometry and its applications

Talk 8: Application of molecular biology in cancer management: An experience of bench to bed-side ventures

Talk 9: Everyday Illusions: How it effects our decisions and affects our life

Talk 10: Impact and implications of COVID-19 pan-epidemic: Biology, pathology and prevention

Talk 11: Changing the way we think about Cancer: Time for a new systemic approach

Talk 12: Bioacoustics of Baleen Whales

Talk 13: Understanding DHATU concept on the lines of stem cells

Talk 14: 3D bioprinting: promises and challenges

Talk 15: Exploring the drug discovery approaches in natural product research

Talk 16: Adenosine Kinase Inhibitors: An Early-stage Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery Effort

Talk 17: AMPing up the search: A structural and functional repository of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) for biofilm studies (Biofilm-AMP)

Talk 18: In-vitro and Drosophila models of rare monogenic disorders

Talk 19: Cancer Biology: Science, education and research prospects

Talk 20: Attempts to elucidate early diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarkers for type 2 diabetes

Talk 21: Novel orofacial cleft and limb malformation syndromes and their underlying genetics

Talk 22: Implications and therapeutic significance of phosphatase regulated-estradiol receptor nucleo-cytoplasmic transport in breast cancer

Talk 23: Molecular details of chaperon mediated protein folding process in cells and in vitro

Talk 24: C. elegans as model to study healthspan and lifespan

Talk 25: Electrospun nano-fibers for sensing and separation application

Talk 26: Killing messengers before they are born: A novel paradigm for fidelity and regulation of gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Talk 27: Spinal cord injury: Regenerative drug discovery

Talk 28: Opportunities of life sciences in India

Talk 29: Skeletal muscle, an endangered species and how to save it