Instrument name:

Fluorescent Microscope

  1. Make: Euromex
  2. Model:Ox-3085 with DC-5000i
  3. Specifications:
    • Connection : USB 2.0 OPTICS
    • Magnification : 10- 50x and 200x
    • Zoom : Yes, distance controlled
    • Working distance : Standard
    • Lens type : High grade optical glass with multi layer anti reflection coating
    • Focus range : Manual focus from 10 to 500 mm
    • Polarizer : Yes SENSOR
    • Sensor type : CMOS
    • Size : 2.0 mega pixel
    • Resolution : 1600×1200, 1280×960, 800×600, 640×480
    • Max. frame rate : 30 fps
    • FEATURES Illumination : 4 white power LED and 4 Infrared (IR) power LED’s 940nm (switchable) Software : Q-focus analysis software with measurement and annotation functions
    • BODY Dimensions : (d) 38/53x (I) 140 mm
    • Weight : 115 grams
    • Package content: Microscope, Q-focus software,user manual, calibration target
  4. Services provided:
    • Pathogen detection, Histopathological analysis
  5. Instructions: (for the service taker)
    • Samples should be fixed on a slide using appropriate fixing agents and stained using appropriate fluorescent dyes for fluorescent microscopy.


  1. Make: Brookfield AMETEK®, USA
  2. Model: DV3TLV
  3. Specifications:
    • 7-inch full color, touch screen display supports multiple languages
    • Displayed info includes: viscosity (cP/mP•s), temperature (°C/°F), shear rate/stress, % torque, spindle/speed, step program status, math model calculations
    • Enhanced Security with customizable user access, date/time stamp file, password access, portable log-in settings
    • Built-In options include math modeling, yield tests, timed tests, data averaging, programmable QC limits/alarms, customizable speed/spindle lists, on screen data comparison
    • Auto range shows maximum viscosity measured with any spindle/speed combination
    • Analyze characteristics such as yield stress, flow curves, leveling and recovery
    • Integrated temperature control with connection to a Brookfield TC series bath and AP Controller
    • USB PC interface provides optional computer control and automatic data gathering capability (included)
    • Download custom test programs with included PG Flash software
    • Front-facing bubble level for convenient viewing
    • Built-in temperature probe
    • Accuracy of ±1.0% of range with displayed test data
    • Repeatability of ±0.2%
    • NIST traceable viscosity standards available
  4. Services provided: Viscosity measurements with varied shear rate, shear stress at different temperature conditions.
  5. Instructions: (for the service taker)
    • The researcher must ensure that 2000 µL of sample is to be addedto the sample cup for CPA41Z spindle and 500 µL of the sample for CPA51Z spindle.
    • For highly viscous samples smaller spindle is used and for the less viscous ones the larger spindle is used.
    • Readings below 10% torque must not be considered as they are inaccurate. In this case change either the spindle or speed to achieve maximum accuracy.
    • The user should ensure that the substances placed under test do not release poisonous, toxic or flammable gases at the temperatures which they are subjected to during the testing.
    • Spindles are made of stainless steel. Clean with non-abrasive cloth and solvent appropriate for sample material.