Division of Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Structural Biology (DABS)

The mission of the division is to curate and organize vast realms of biological data in an effective, meaningful and logical manner, developing statistical and/or bioinformatic tools and algorithms, utilizing/repurposing existing computational tools and to train machines to learn, curate, analyse and interpret biological data. The division shall establish national and international collaborations/consultancy where this division will function as the one-stop hub for diverse biological data analysis.

Thrust Areas

  • Structural virology
  • Protein folding and dynamics
  • Structure driven drug discovery
  • Molecular basis of peptide therapeutics
  • Host-pathogen interaction at atomic level
  • Population and evolutionary genetics
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling in biology
  • Biological data analysis/Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics/Computational biology
  • Application of Python and R programming in biology