Division of Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Structural Biology (DABS)

The Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, and Structural Biology division is a rapidly emerging field globally, fueled by advancements in computational science and its integration into life and health sciences. The division aims to prepare students and researchers to capitalize on the data revolution by analyzing and interpreting biological data using statistical and bioinformatic tools. It emphasizes trans-disciplinary collaboration involving computer scientists, bioinformaticians, structural biologists, and life scientists. With the era of “big biological data” enabled by next-generation sequencing platforms and increased computing power, the DABS division will curate and organize vast biological data effectively. It will develop new statistical and bioinformatic tools and algorithms, repurpose existing computational tools, and train machines to analyze and interpret biological data. This multidisciplinary approach will have versatile applications in genetics, molecular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, environmental science, and structural biology. The division’s vision is to empower students and researchers to harness the potential of data analysis for a comprehensive understanding of biological systems. Its mission includes generating new knowledge through research publications, attracting funding, establishing national and international collaborations, offering consultancy services, and becoming a hub for diverse data analysis.

Thrust Areas

  • Structural virology
  • Protein folding and dynamics
  • Drug discovery and peptide therapeutics
  • Population and evolutionary genetics
  • Bioinformatics/Computational biology
  • Python and R programming in biology