Division of Neuroscience (DoN)

The Division of Neuroscience (DON) at Yenepoya Research Centre is committed to conducting pioneering research in neurosciences, encompassing diverse areas such as cellular, molecular, and systems neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, as well as research on neurological and geriatric disorders.. DON also explores the application of traditional and modern medicines in neurological and geriatric disorders and bio-innovation.The division’s vision is to deepen the understanding of the brain and nervous system in health and disease and to develop novel strategies for preventing, diagnosing, and treating neurological disorders. The objectives of DON include gaining insights into normal brain structure and function through technological advancements, deciphering the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of neurological diseases, and providing innovative solutions for diagnosis and treatment. The division also aims to offer research training in the field of neuroscience. DON aspires to serve as a hub for basic and translational neuroscience research, exploring new solutions for diagnosing and treating a spectrum of neurological disorders.

Currently, the division’s faculties are involved in translational neurosciences using various models, and future growth is expected to involve additional faculties with diverse expertise across neuroscience disciplines. The projects receive funding from intramural and extramural agencies, and collaborations with Indian and overseas institutes/universities further enrich the research endeavors.


Thrust Areas

  • Ischemic stroke
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neuroproteomics and Neuropharmacology
  • Cell Signalling and Target Discovery
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Neuroinformatics