Division of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics (CBMG)

The Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics division has a multifaceted focus, aiming to understand the mechanisms of diseases, drug actions, signaling pathways, and genetic mutations at the molecular level. It seeks to apply emerging technologies to explore life systems and work in the fields of basic, clinical, and community-based genetic studies. The vision is to comprehend the genetics of diseases, correlate it with cell biology, and make significant contributions to healthcare and evolutionary biology. The objectives of the division include investigating the genetic causes of diseases, identifying mutations and their effects on key pathways, providing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for genetic diseases, and raising public awareness about genetic conditions for better management. Expected outcomes encompass enhanced inter-institutional collaboration, generating awareness and prevention of genetic diseases in the region, and bridging the gap between basic and clinical research.

The division aims to attract extramural funding from various agencies, fostering collaborations at national and international levels to drive impactful research in genetics and bridge the gap between fundamental understanding, clinical applications, and community-based prevention and management of genetic diseases.

Thrust Areas

  • Cell signalling and Molecular Biology
  • Cancer research
  • Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Biotechnology
  • DNA damage and Checkpoints
  • Lung disorders and Thrombosis
  • Mutational profile and prevalence studies