Cell signaling And Cancer biology


This division works in diverse areas of Cancer biology, Cardiovascular biology, Cellular physiology, Immune disorders, Haematopoiesis, Genomic instability and Genetic engineering with special focus on development of radio sensitizing agents, angiogenesis inhibitors and gene manipulation approaches towards cancer therapy; pulmonary diseases (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and Pulmonary Fibrosis); Cardiovascular diseases (aneurysms, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension); effects of environmental pollutants on modulating the genes involved in antibody receptor diversity, chromosomal translocations and epithelial to mesenchymal transitions.


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Model Mini Trans blot Cell (Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra electrophoresis system)
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Make: Titertek Berthold

Model Colobri Microvolume Spectraphotometre
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Model RT-PCR
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Cancer Biology division strives on the interdisciplinary research that translates the new findings into developing of angiogenesis inhibitors, early detection/therapeutics using cancer stem cells and gene editing, omics technology, radio-sensitizing agents, biosensors and genetic screening including epigenetics of cell cycle regulation and xenograft models for personalized medicine.

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of development and progression of triple-negative Breast/Cervical/Gastric/Head & Neck cancer. Manipulation of c-MPL splicing in myeloid leukemia, evaluation of incidence for BRCA1 mutation in women, revealing the drug action in the tumor microenvironment, adjuvant treatment development for glioma by a combination of gamma radiation and angiogenesis inhibition, immune-modulation in lung cancer.

Faculty Members